Top 20 Reality Show Villains (10-1)


Here’s the Top 10 of my favorite reality show villains…

10.  Abby Lee Miller

The way Abby Lee Miller from ‘Dance Moms’ handles the children and
their parents should be a clinic for all teachers in America.  She takes no bs, she gets them in line and damn near kills every competition, although I’m pretty sure she’s a racist.

9.  Scott Disick

Scott has been straight trash for a long time.  As soon as he came on the show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ dressed like an extra from every bad teen movie in the 90s, a hatred grew in my heart for this man-child.   Jerk doesn’t event begin to describe Scott.  He’s got to be the most non-empathetic, self entitled person in the world.  If bad husband was in the dictionary, He be standing there smiling with a obnoxious bow tie while flashing his country club card.

8.  Camille Grammer

I can’t say I hated Camille Grammar the first season of Housewives, but that’s because she was so rude to the other ladies that I always laughed.  I think some of that had to do with her breakup with Kelsey Grammer, but it could have been her just being a bitch.

7.  Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrezeno

I don’t have much to say except about The Situation except I started off liking him then somewhere along the way he turned into a dipshit jerk.

6.  Joseline Hernandez

Joseline ‘International Superstar’ Hernandez single handily saved he show ‘Love and Hip Hop.’  I’m not sure what’s funnier  it’s her complete disdain the Webster dictionary or her constant shade towards the other but I’m all for it.

5.  Simon Cowell

If this were a list by someone of another color, he would probably be #1.  However, that doesn’t take away from Simon’s tough love with he bullshit he heard on a daily basis.   Now, every show has a mean judge and you can thank Simon for that.

4.  Tanisha Thomas

Usually second seasons aren’t as good as the first one, but thanks to Tanisha Thomas, the second season of Bad Girls Club may reign as the best!  She was big, loud, confident and scared all the other girls.  Doubt her legacy, have you been on vine lately and seen the many memes of her?  Oh yea, don’t put hot sauce in her juice!!

3.  Evelyn Lozado

Until Chad Ochocinco decided to engage in WWIII on her forehead, Evelyn Lozado from ‘Basketball Wives’ was the most hated woman in America.  She was the definition of a mean girl and dismissed everybody in her path who disagreed with her, even her own best friend.

2.  Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard

New York goes down in history as having the best one-liners in reality show history.  She first came onto our screens as a contestant fight for the love of Flavor Flav on ‘Flavor of Love.’  She stole every scene she was in and grew into a character we all loved to hate.  She had 3 spin off shows including her own dating show as well as her getting a job and going to Hollywood.

1.  Linnethia ‘Nene’ Leakes

What can be said about Nene Leaks from ‘Housewives of Atlanta’ that hasn’t already been said.  Loud, sassy, mean, bossy, bigfoot…she is the epitome of a villain. Not only does she have one-liners for years and shades from the Pacific to the Atlantic, she quite possibly has the same measurements of a Chicago Bears Linebacker.   She’s transcend the reality show genre, getting gigs on primetime tv and broadway.  She’s arguably the face of Bravo TV.  Though she will no longer be on “Housewives of Atlanta” as a main cast member, she no doubt will be remembered and missed.   Watch her take down Star Jones on “Celebrity Apprentice” here


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