Top 20 Reality Show Villains (20-11)


I’m not into reality TV as much as I used to be, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of some of my favorite reality show villains.

20.  Carmen (from Catfish)


‘Catfish’ can be quite unbelievable sometimes, but when my eyes first laid on Carmen and her friend Antwane, I knew I had come across a ratchet, backwoods goldmine. Carmen first came off as a caring, loving friend until we knew better.  She wasn’t loving and caring at all!  She led her friend on a two year chase after a guy that didn’t exist only because he called her a ‘Fat Ass Kelly Price!’  I was mad for two reasons:

1.  You can’t get mad at a true statement

2.  It’s the past girl, let it go!!

19.  Janice Dickinson


From ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to the ‘Surreal Life,’ Janice hurled insults faster than a sailor at a redneck bar.   My favorite was when she told the one girl she looked like she had a penis in her picture.  She also gets bonus points for rattling Omarosa on the ‘Surreal Life.’

18.  Kelly Price/Nicci Gilbert

R&B veterans ‘Kelly ‘I’m Booked’ Price and Nicci ‘Curvado Queen’ played the villain on their respective ‘R&B Divas’ shows.  I placed this two together because they both pretty much played the same role   With an original intent to unite the women in their seasons, these two divas did anything but that.  Kelly clashed with the producers as well as Chante Moore and Lil’ Mo while Nicci Gilbert battle with Syleena Johnson and Angie Stone during her stint.  These beefs led to both women leaving the shows which pained my evil heart. However, both these women have talent and rebounded from their aforementioned statuses unlike some on this list.

17.  Brandi Glanville

Loud mouth, swearing ‘Lee Ann Rimes stole my man and is stalking me’ Brandi Glanville has burned more bridges than a forest fire in her time on ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’.  She didn’t join the show until season 3, but once she did, she stole the show with her constant fighting, arguing and diarrhea-of-the-mouth.  She never could hold water and said whatever came to her mind.  Bad for her cast mates, good for us.

16. Tami Roman

When Tami ‘I don’t do the hand’ Roman walked on to my TV screen on Basketball Wives looking like the woman I used to see trying to bargain for knock-off hand bags at the local flea market, I instantly fell in love.  I actually hadn’t known she previously was on ‘Real World’ until years later.  Tami made her presence known throughout the seasons of ‘Basketball Wives’ often becoming the bully of the show by picking fights with many of the girls.

15.  Kenya Moore

Crazy, twirl crazy.  That’s all she gets from me.

14.   Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey has the mouth only a mother can love.  I loved ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ when it first came out because he would curse out the contestants for no apparent reason.   It was funny and made for great television.

13.  Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Need I say more about these two but besides ‘The Hills,’ their appearance on ‘I am a celebrity, get me out of here’ lives in infamy.

12.   David “Puck” Rainey

This man was so disgusting and vile during his time on ‘The Real World’ that he was ultimately kicked of the show.  Not only did he have bad hygiene, he had an even dirtier mouth.  He fought with almost everybody in the house and spit in his ‘Battle of the Sexes’ cast mate David’s face.

11.  Omarosa Stallworth

If you’re seen Celebrity Apprentice then you know Omarosa has been a fixture on the show.  She was the only reason I watched the show during her first season.  She never minded throwing her fellow contestants under the bus and knew how to argue her way out of an elimination.  She then brought her brand of crazy to the ‘Surreal Life’ where she butted heads with Janice Dickinson several times.

Stay tuned for 10-1!


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