What happened to Sandra Bland?

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Sandra Bland of Naperville, Indiana was supposedly found ‘hung’ in her prison cell in Waller County in Texas.  I will start with what we do know:

-Sandra Bland traveled from Chicago to start her new job with her mom

-Last Friday, Bland was stopped outside the campus  for failing to signal while changing lanes.

-A video has surfaced of her arrest showing the police roughing her up and throwing her on the ground

Big Gap

-She died in police custody

The police ruled her hanging a suicide but it’s in Texas and it involves the police so that opinion cannot be trusted.  Family and friends are trying to figure out exactly what happened in that cell.  Why would a young woman with a brand new job randomly kill herself in a jail cell?  Why is the police’s word the sole word according to the media in cases like these?  Sandra Bland knew her rights and questioned her arrest as seen in the video.  So let’s put two and two together, an outspoken BLACK women who knows her rights just so happens to die in police custody in Texas and the police rule it a suicide…hmmmmm.  I’m not saying something’s fishy, but something stinks.


Serena Williams is greatness and you will bow down..

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Serena Williams has been a dominating force for nearly 20 years in the world of tennis.  Snatching titles left and right and leaving a trail of white women in her rear view mirror.  she just recently beat the tennis world’s darling Maria Sharapova for the umpteenth time and for some reason people are still mad.  Had Serena been a man, she would be the major celebrated and highest paid athlete of all time.   People would lay out red carpets for her and rub her feet and hands with fine African oils and spices.  However, quite a few of the tennis world and white america can’t stand to see her dominate. Serena is unapologetically black as hell and does not apologize for it.  Ever since her and her sister stepped on to the scene with box braids and a body Instagram models go to back alleys and get fix a flat shots for, (white) people have been pressed to say the least.   

 Have you ever asked a Serena hater, why they hate Serena, they never have a good excuse?  Here is some I’ve heard. 

‘She’s hard to look at/not pretty’

Not that this idiot argument has ANYTHING to do with her gameplay and vast achievements which is sexist in itself, but Serena is a beautiful women with eligible bachelors falling all over her.  Drake and Common not complaining at all.  

‘She’s arrogant/talks to much

Sorry, your so threatened by a outspoken, vocal black woman who speaks her mind and isn’t with that bullshit.  Your bad.   Not only that, with 20 grand slams under her belt,  the champion could defecate right on the court and you lessors would just have to deal with it!

She wins too much 

I have never known a time when winning was a bad thing.  Who in their right mind would loose on purpose?  Are you mad because you’re a loser and you hate seeing somebody win so effortlessly.  The Patriots deflated enough all to dominate pretty much most of the 00s and NOBODY has anything to say or bitch about (unless you’re a Colts fan)

She takes steroids 

This has NEVER been proven and is, again, sexist.  Gone are the days where flat butts and bodies shaped like a street light are in demand.  In place are REAL women, with REAL bodies.  Women come in all shapes and sizes which means, yes, women can be muscular without the need of enhancements.  We’ll leave that to Lance Armstrong. 

I’m sure there are more but Serena Williams is competing in ANOTHER final, so I want to watch that and Oh, whomever wrote that racist NY Times



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With racism and police brutality in the headlines, I feel the need to engage and educate the ignorants on the issues of race and how to know if you are a racist.  Get your pens or Iphone notepad out, this may be difficult for some of you to grasp.

1.  Everybody around you looks like you:


If your friends and workers circle look like the first 5 seasons of Friends, then you’re probably a racist.  A lack of interaction means a lack of tangibility or accessibility, a lack of tangibility leads to a lack of empathy.  Go talk to that one employee you might have ignored or be threatened by or tried to get fired.  See how life is for them, you may be surprised that they are complex creatures with feelings, emotions and thoughts.  If everyone around you looks exactly like you and you have no interaction with persons of color besides a mugshots on the local evening news,  Chances are you may be a racist.

2.  You Deny Racism

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Bill O’Reilly, Rush ‘Fatman” Limbaugh, Glen Beck and several others are guilty of this.  They attempt to diminish or defect racist acts in order to avert attention from their subject.  If 9 BLACK churchgoers in a historically BLACK church being shot by a WHITE SUPREMACIST isn’t racism then I don’t know what is to be honest.  Denying Racism is the new Racism.

3.  Fox New is your GO-To


If you are an avid watcher of Fox News then you’re probably racist.  Fox ‘News” knows this and panders to your deepest fears.  I use the term ‘news’ loosely because Faux News is mainly a bunch of old white men screaming racist shit to a choir of.. you guessed it, a bunch old racist white men.  When is the last time you’ve seen a favorable story about a minority on Fox News?

4.  “Black People problems are their own..”

Yes, slavery ended several hundred years ago..and that could be a valid argument had laws and regulation of black life been put into place for the last 200 years to make life a living hell for black people.  Racist deny these laws or any sort of barriers  exist for people of color.  The they turnaround and blame black people for their problems with white supremacy.  It’s become almost as systematic as racism itself.  DENY AND DEFLECT, DENY AND DEFLECT, DENY AND DEFLECT.

5.  You look at black or brown people in a negative light

This is hard for most racists because they want to believe that they’re above that way of thinking and ‘they see no color.’  Red is a color, blue is a color, green is a color and black is a color.  We all see colors because we have these things called eyes and unless you’re a moron you’d be stupid to think otherwise.   Now sit and think, have ever found a black man or women intimidating or threatening just for them being themselves? then you ARE racist.  Have you found black men and women to be ‘aggressive’ or ‘too loud’ to the point you feared for your safety, even when there was no rational reason ?  Have you ever looked at a black or brown person and found them inferior to you?  Then you are, my friend, racist.

If you found yourself agreeing with any of these 5 steps, then darling you are racist.  Let’s say it together, MY NAME IS _____ AND I AM RACIST.  See, that was easy.  Now take the steps to change it.

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