Bill Cosby, the Black Community and Misogyny

Bill Cosby, Black Community, News

The Bill Cosby situation is sad enough as it is, especially for somebody like me who grew up watching “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World.”  I didn’t put Bill Cosby up on a high enough pedestal to feel really bad about what happened, but the personal accounts of his predatory, gross actions have done enough damage to my insides to know that this man is a criminal.  Most of these women gave detailed descriptions of what Bill Cosby had done to them, and so far 40 plus have given the same exact story.  He promised them some sort of favor or advice, lured them back to his hotel or what not, gave them drugs and when they woke up he was putting his clothes on.  The stories are about as common now as the joke “So a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…”  Some of us believed this women due to the frequency and detailed accounts of their stories, while some held out for ‘more’ evidence.  It has now come out that Bill Cosby admitted himself to giving women Quaaludes and now the rest of the world believes what we knew all along.  Bill Cosby is a rapist.  What took so long?

What boggles my mind and perplexes me is that FORTY women have come forward, FORTY and people did not believe these women!!  I understand that the white community are quick to toss black media figures aside, so that is why we as black people hold on tight ours.  For centuries, black men have been accosted with untrue accusations from rape to murder without any proof or evidence.  I get the reasons why, but at what expense?  All these women had this same story and most weren’t filing civil lawsuits.  These stores happened decade after decade with women from every decade testifying.  Why do people let celebrity and male privilege cloud their rational thinking.  Why are we so quick to dismiss women, especially black women when they speak on their experiences?


So much can be written about the misogyny and sexism behind the rape culture here in America and around the world.  If a women says no, it should mean no under any circumstances.  It doesn’t matter what state of sobriety she is in nor how provocative she is dressed, she should still be respected and only engaged in activities in which she in which she consents.  This simple logic seems to have eclisped most of America.  So  many excuses are made to pacify this behavior.  We have all heard it and seen it but nobody wants to address it.  Bill Cosby preyed on and manipulated these women.  Yes, people can be coerced with money and fame.  Does this mean these women deserved to be drugged and raped?  Hell No.

Bill Cosby has done so much for the black community.  With a top rated show and made us more ‘palpable’ to a mainstream white America.   He showed them we can be doctors and lawyers with style and swagger.  He showed them that we could have class and have humor.  He showed them that black people bring in the bucks and also have a stable family unit.  No matter how tainted his image is now, the doors that he opened for us  are still open.  It is okay to call Bill Cosby or any other celebrity out for their behavior.  It will not undo anything he had done for us.   Shows like “Empire” and “Black-ish” will still be on TV, people still realize that black people can be doctors and lawyers with swagger.  True progress will not achieved until we start being honest with ourselves as well as others.

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