Any reason to Down Caitlyn Jenner and the Trans movement, huh?

LGBT Issues, News, Serena Williams

Unfunny man D.L. Hughley was asked his opinion on Caitlyn Jenner after she won an ESPY award and he proceeded to hurl insults saying she looked like a “every P.E. teacher he ever had.”  I’m all for jokes although DL Hughley is not one for giving any, but I digress.  If you want to criticize Caitlyn on her family and their tactics to stay relevant, that’s fair but most of the criticism is crossing the line.  There is a sentiment among many that what Caitlyn Jenner did wasn’t courageous and she didn’t deserve that award nor the media attention she has been receiving for her transition.   Accepting who you truly are and revealing it to the world is pretty damn courageous to me.  I’m sure others deserved this award also, but this is a big moment in history and ESPN knew this and rewarded her in accordance.  I do believe a lot of the backlash Caitlyn Jenner is receiving runs deeper than her winning the award.  The hate, I believe, stems from transphobia.  I also think the hate stems from an uncomfortableness by some in the general public.  I’ve seen some silly meme comparing the ridiculous criticism of Serena Williams’ body by some to Caitlyn Jenner’s praise for her transformation.  I feel like this undermines not only Caitlyn but the trans community as a whole.  Why not let both women flourish in their own bodies?  Why can’t both women coexist in their own spaces and flourish individually?  If you have to down one cause to uplift another, then you don’t have much of a leg to stand on, but what can you expect from people who still can’t get the personal pronouns right when addressing the transgender individuals.