Why ‘All Lives Matter’ Stinks…

Black Lives Matter, White People Don't Get It

We’ve all heard it before, every time you see Black Lives Matter some moron (hello Raven Symone) decides they feel left out and decide to use to trivial phrase ‘All Lives Matter.’  While all free thinking and good will people know that ‘All Lives Matter,’ the police in this country think otherwise.  I’m not sure how many black women and men have to be murdered by police officers for people to see that police brutality is a serious issue that disproportionately affects black people.  At least 304 black people were killed by the police last year.  Black people are 5x more likely to be killed by the police than white people.  This is a specific issue that needs specific reform.  


Serena Williams is greatness and you will bow down..

Racist News, Sports, White People Don't Get It

Serena Williams has been a dominating force for nearly 20 years in the world of tennis.  Snatching titles left and right and leaving a trail of white women in her rear view mirror.  she just recently beat the tennis world’s darling Maria Sharapova for the umpteenth time and for some reason people are still mad.  Had Serena been a man, she would be the major celebrated and highest paid athlete of all time.   People would lay out red carpets for her and rub her feet and hands with fine African oils and spices.  However, quite a few of the tennis world and white america can’t stand to see her dominate. Serena is unapologetically black as hell and does not apologize for it.  Ever since her and her sister stepped on to the scene with box braids and a body Instagram models go to back alleys and get fix a flat shots for, (white) people have been pressed to say the least.   

 Have you ever asked a Serena hater, why they hate Serena, they never have a good excuse?  Here is some I’ve heard. 

‘She’s hard to look at/not pretty’

Not that this idiot argument has ANYTHING to do with her gameplay and vast achievements which is sexist in itself, but Serena is a beautiful women with eligible bachelors falling all over her.  Drake and Common not complaining at all.  

‘She’s arrogant/talks to much

Sorry, your so threatened by a outspoken, vocal black woman who speaks her mind and isn’t with that bullshit.  Your bad.   Not only that, with 20 grand slams under her belt,  the champion could defecate right on the court and you lessors would just have to deal with it!

She wins too much 

I have never known a time when winning was a bad thing.  Who in their right mind would loose on purpose?  Are you mad because you’re a loser and you hate seeing somebody win so effortlessly.  The Patriots deflated enough all to dominate pretty much most of the 00s and NOBODY has anything to say or bitch about (unless you’re a Colts fan)

She takes steroids 

This has NEVER been proven and is, again, sexist.  Gone are the days where flat butts and bodies shaped like a street light are in demand.  In place are REAL women, with REAL bodies.  Women come in all shapes and sizes which means, yes, women can be muscular without the need of enhancements.  We’ll leave that to Lance Armstrong. 

I’m sure there are more but Serena Williams is competing in ANOTHER final, so I want to watch that and Oh, whomever wrote that racist NY Times