5 Things I’ve learned about ‘Hotep’ Aka Fake Deep people on social media 

Black Community

So I keep reading about ‘Hotep Twitter’ online and wondered what people were taking about. After researching all night and doing a Twitter search through some of the most draining posts ever, I think I’ve figured it out.   We have all come across these people who are way more woke than you, way more black than you and are usually full of fake pseudo-consciousness.   Here’s 6 Things I’ve Learned…

1.  The world starts and ends with the black man

Black men lead and everybody else follow.  Black women have no say so unless it’s a man involved.  Black women are subservient to men.  Women have to ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ to be respected by a man.  Lord forbid a woman twerks, or wears her dress to short or has sex with more than one person….    You see where this is going…

2. Everything is a distraction

You can’t fart, poot, watch your favorite tv show or follow a rap beef without Hoteps saying its a distraction.  It must be nice to be that woke 24/7, I’m sorry but I love my sleep.  I also like Empire and Game of Thrones…

3.  They are more black than you

If you went to a PWI and not an HBCU, they’re more black than you.  If you date outside your race (though most of them do), they’re more black than you.  If you support ANYTHING, outside of their ideal, what it takes to be black logic, then they have no respect for you.

4.  They subscribe to respectability politics

This is one I can’t stand. If you don’t pull your pants up or aren’t up to par with how white america wants us to be, then you won’t be respected.  You can’t become angry, fight, riot or anything or they automatically dismiss you. These are my least favorite kind of people.

5.  They’re usually homophobic

I’ve seen it many times.  As soon as a man shows any sign of femininity, he didn’t have a father growing up and a real man is ‘this’ and ‘that’ (hey Steve Harvey).  They are the ones shouting from the sidelines as LGBT men and women organize and protest about how the real men should lead and that gays don’t represent the community.  It’s funny because those same gays single handedly ran the old and now new black lives matter movements.

This is hilarious to me because I can relate.  I remember being attacked by one dude for making a joke about being light skin and he accused me of self-hating.  You can be pro-black and not be draining.  It’s funny because these people claim to be so progressive but they’re only setting the movement back with these fake, exclusive ideals.