5 Quick HIV Facts


In light of the alleged Charlie Sheen news and all the misinformation out there, i thought I’d give a few quick facts about HIV/AIDS.


5 HIV facts:

1. HIV is a virus and AIDS is a syndrome that comes from leaving HIV untreated. You CAN’T catch AIDS, it develops over time.

2. HIV/AIDS is NOT a gay disease. Anybody can catch it.

3. Not matter what any Tyler Perry films says, HIV/AIDS is not a punishment for being bad.

4. HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. There are over 1000 medications for the virus and countless programs to help pay for those medications.

5. HIV is usually transmitted through body fluids or blood with some one who had the virus.  The  rate of transmission is decreased 90%  among sexually active persons who actively take prep (Medicine taken to prevent catching the virus).


Source:  Google.com, its free and there, use it


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