The Spring Valley High Assualt Video Issue nobody is discussing

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There has been so much to say about the video in Spring Valley High showing the child who was brutally assaulted by a school resource officer that went viral this week.  I just recently saw a video of newscaster Brenda Woods of  11 Alive in Atlanta response to the incident in her “Last Word” segment.  If her ‘cake by the pound’ makeup and crusty braids weren’t bad enough, what she had to say was even worse. In the video, she asserts that the ‘bigger picture’ that nobody is talking about is how ‘disrespectful’ children are and how we don’t know what she said before the incident to start it:

  1.  Nothing she could have said or done warranted that kind of response from the officer.  That was an abuse of power and he was thankfully fired for it.  That is a CHILD at the end of the day who posed no physical threat to the officer or anybody in the class, and the people who are defending this officer are failing to realize that.

2.  Let’s talk about why she had a ‘attitude.”  She’s a recent orphan whose mom and grandmother died earlier this year.  That’s traumatic as fuck for an adult, so just imagine a child having to deal with that.  I’m sure she’s received no  mental health evaluations nor treatment for this, just thrown into foster care like most children are in these scenarios.  She’s had to deal with all of this and having to come to class and try to have it together.  That’s a lot to ask for as a child.  Plus, shes a TEENAGE girl.  Show me a teenage girl who doesn’t talk back or have an attitude and some time and point and I’ll show where Ben Carson’s brain is hiding out.

3.  As a former inner city child myself, you wouldn’t image the things you see and hear in these environments.  I remember being told to walk home fast because there was going to be gang violence after school, i remember going to school through medal detectors every morning because people were bringing guns to school, i remember my sister having to carry a razor around because a group of girls were going to try and jump her after …and that was just in school.  Had most the things inner city are exposed to happened to suburban kids, there would be a problem.  Instead of kids being adequately treated for the trauma they’re exposed to on a daily basis, they’re told they have ‘bad attitudes’ and that they are ‘disrespectful.’

4.  I get that as an educator, especially in the inner school, its stressful.  You have 25-30 kids in your class room that you have to get under control AND try to teach them some stuff they probably not interested in.  Most of these children are probably dealing with mental and emotional trauma and school is there only outlet away from the traumatic events they face once they walk out the door.  As the ADULT and an EDUCATOR, you have to know that comes with the territory of dealing with these kids.  They may come off as adults, but you have to remember they are still KIDS.  Knowing that, you act like the adult you are and rise above the situation and handle it as an adult and not a raging egomaniac.  Had that teacher and principal been effective at their jobs, they situation could have been deescalated before a law officer was even called into the classroom.

You can view the news anchor’s rant here


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