What did I ever do to God?


Life is tough for everybody, I suppose.  I get that but for some of us, it is a bit tougher for some odd reason.  Every time we get a glimmer of hope, something comes and dashes that hope.   It’s like bad luck follows us around or like we’re cursed.  You try so hard to be positive in life and ignore the negative, but life just keeps throwing you lemons.  Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and ask God, what did I ever do to you for my life to be such a struggle? I chose to write a letter to God.

 Dear God/Universe, 

I don’t know what I did, or what those who came before me did, but I fully apologize.  I worked so hard to win in life and I do understand that bad things happen, but damn why does it seem like  my life is on extra hard journey.  All I ask to work on my career, to be happy and for my loved ones to be well.  That’s all.  Yet, something always happens that makes me wonder if you really want me to win or if it’s set up for me to win.  Can I get a sign to let me know everything about will be ok?  Thanks. 


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